Our offering can be split into three separate services- Event Planning, Styling & Management, as is laid out below. It is your choice as to whether you would like one, or all three of these! Like the result of the services themselves, your utilisation of my offering is aligned to your requirements. 

Event Planning

let us translate your ideas

This is where you will be able to rely on us to translate your ideas & intentions into a deliverable event plan. I will hold an initial meeting with you, during which we can run-through your priorities with regards to guest numbers, venue etc. and then I can organise this into a continually-developing plan. 

This process will continue right up until the week before the event, where I will step back, leaving you to manage the delivery of this plan alongside the relevant professionals garnered from my network. You will have the required permits, suppliers and guidance, to ensure your event is fully-planned. 

Event styling

turning vision into real beauty

Together we can build excitement about your Pinterest boards, favourite Instagram pages & key design principles behind the event. However, do not be concerned if you are not a creative, design aficionado! 

Within the initial meeting, I will recognise the stage you are at with regards to styling your event- I will simply quote a different fee depending on what you want, whether it is a complete styling, or merely assistance with delivering a design package that you have already decided upon. I can arrange colour-schemed decorations and other physical details that will ensure the event communicates the style you want it to. 

You will be provided with a quote for the hire of products & services from my network, that will translate your style ideas into a real event- a really special, real event.  

Event Management

Minimal stress, maximum enjoyment.

If you would like your relationship with us to extend right up to (and including) the event, then this element of the service is for you. The event management service delivers the plan drawn-up, meaning that we will support you in making sure the event plan is translated into a smoothly-run event. 

We'll be there in the run up to the event, liasing with suppliers and ironing out hiccups. On the day, we'll be there to deliver and ensure every detail is perfect, leaving you to have a ball! 

There is no need for outdoor events not to be professionally-run as events in a top hotel. This service allows you to enjoy an event anywhere you like, with the event manager & delivery network that you would like.